Jive™ Chromatic

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Jive™ Chromatic

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Product Information

The neck and opening of the Jive™ Chromatic mute is designed for sealing it to chromatic harmonica with one hand. The Jive™ Chromatic is designed to respond well with a wide range of chromatic harmonicas although the most distinct tones are produced with lower pitch notes.

Each Jive™ model is identified with a specific frequency range in mind. Obviously any harmonica can be used with any of our mutes; however, each mute creates a unique sound and responds differently to the range of frequencies found in various harmonica keys. Our mutes are tuned so to speak not to change pitch, but to offer a range of timbre and responsiveness.

Jive™ mutes are commonly fitted to the thumb of the hand that also holds the harmonica. The strap can be adjusted for a custom slip on fit.  This allows the player to control and seal the mute with the free fingers of the same hand. The player’s free hand can be used for further support or to control a chromatic harmonica slide or play a second instrument.

Users will notice the harmonica is not faced into the mute. The design positions the players griping hand to form the cap of the sound chamber. When the fingers are lifted, sound flows freely over the top of the mute.  Note: the Jive™ can also be fitted to the ring finger of the holding hand while controlling the seal with just the middle finger.

The Jive™ mute is also compatible with any common lavalier microphone. Simply drop the mic through the top of the mute and secure its cable to the mute strap. This mic option produces a unique low-fi sound with nice freedom of movement.  

No specific maintenance is required; however there is no problem with rinsing or submerging the mute in water. We do not consider this product to be dishwasher safe as excessive heat could distort the mute.

The Jive™ harmonica mute works great when playing in the classic wah-wah style. It truly excels when combined with creative articulation. This coordinated use of articulation is the heart of the variable mute art form.

We are confident that your creative skills combined with our innovative designs will Ignite your blues™.

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